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Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man’s Blues

Set in a world and a time not clearly divided between the living and the dead, where spirits, rituals, and cigars are the stuff of life and death, ALCHEMY OF DESIRE/DEAD-MAN’S BLUES is a poetic journey to the place where desire meets memory, love and loss. Also, LATE NIGHT DESIRE, DEAD-MAN’S CABARET, a rotating late-night […]

Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden

This evocative weaving of music, movement and theatre, based on the Finnish epic known as the Kalevala, explored questions of self definition, and the relationship between societal demands and individual truths. Co-presented by the Southern, Walker Art Center and Frank.


A multicultural reworking of the Medea myth using music and dance to explore issues of race and gender from a contemporary perspective.

The Cradle Will Rock

One of the first pro-union musicals written in this country, THE CRADLE WILL ROCK is set in Steeltown, USA. Mr. Mister, the corporate magnate, has bought up (or paid off) every sector of the community. Through flashback and song, the piece illustrates how each of them sold out, with the exception of Larry Foreman, a […]

The Education of Walter Kaufmann

The sometimes charming, sometimes twisted story of a young man’s education in the school of life, which explores the various ways in which we learn–by instinct, by intellect, by role model, by experience.

The America Play

A jazz-based, poetic piece, asking questions about the absence of Black stories in mainstream American history.

Measure for Measure

This rarely produced “dark comedy,” set in a world sometime between 17th century England and 20th century America, confronts the concept of injustice and examines the question of how power changes people.

The Way Of Water

Set in the heart of the devastating aftermath of BP’s environmental disaster, THE WAY OF WATER is a story about four people making do as best they can, trying to stay afloat in the land of many compromised dreams.

Maple and Vine

A contemporary, professional couple decides to abandon their Manhattan lifestyle, opting for a simpler existence right out the 1950s. They join a cult-like group of people who have recreated 1955 Eisenhower America somewhere in the Midwest, the SDO– the Society of Dynamic Obsolescence. With a Committee on Authentication to ensure that standards of the time […]

Standing On Ceremony

A showcase of short plays that encourage discussion about marriage equality.