Ambient Love Rites

From 10/02/1998 to 10/18/1998


A hole has been ripped into the heart of a community with the murder of a young gay man, which remains unsolved six weeks later. A swirl of mystery and spirits, the piece tracks the journey of the disparate characters who loved the missing one as they move towards healing their heartbreak.


The reviews are in.

“Daniel Alexander Jones is inhabited by the rhythms of words. As a playwright, he works in cadence and texture. As an actor, he melts into language; his words speak his body instead of the other way around. Director Wendy Knox and her Frank Theatre have given us the opportunity to see Jones’s work as both a writer and an actor with a production of his AMBIENT LOVE RITES, a play possessed by language.”

“Life and love whisper beneath the surface of the text, barely audible. Whether we listen is up to us. The show raises hundreds of questions and provides only one answer, but its impression sticks in one’s skull like the taste of a dream. As Madame Cruz tells us, ‘In the end, you are a witness to the mystery. Your only choice lies between opening your eyes or turning your head away.'”
Anne Ursu, City Pages