Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man’s Blues

From 11/14/1997 to 12/13/1997


Set in a world and a time not clearly divided between the living and the dead, where spirits, rituals, and cigars are the stuff of life and death, ALCHEMY OF DESIRE/DEAD-MAN’S BLUES is a poetic journey to the place where desire meets memory, love and loss. Also, LATE NIGHT DESIRE, DEAD-MAN’S CABARET, a rotating late-night showcase of local artists, featuring many and varied responses to the notion “desire.”


The reviews are in.

“If the cold weather has got you down, you might consider submerging your spiritual self in the sultry, spicy world that director Wendy Knox has created inside the Minneapolis Theater Garage. Frank Theatre’s production of playwright Caridad Svich’s ALCHEMY OF DESIRE/DEAD MAN’S BLUES is nothing if not steamy. Knox and set designer Steve Rohde deserve credit for transforming the notoriously cavernous Theatre Garage into a lush and lurid jungle that feels real and unreal at once. Ultimately, in a wonderful, surprisingly light punch-line conclusion, Svich allows the audience to see a ray of hope cutting through the dense forest. Where one journey ends, another is always beginning.”
Carolyn Petrie, Minnesota Women’s Press