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Measure for Measure

This rarely produced “dark comedy,” set in a world sometime between 17th century England and 20th century America, confronts the concept of injustice and examines the question of how power changes people.

The Way Of Water

Set in the heart of the devastating aftermath of BP’s environmental disaster, THE WAY OF WATER is a story about four people making do as best they can, trying to stay afloat in the land of many compromised dreams.

Maple and Vine

A contemporary, professional couple decides to abandon their Manhattan lifestyle, opting for a simpler existence right out the 1950s. They join a cult-like group of people who have recreated 1955 Eisenhower America somewhere in the Midwest, the SDO– the Society of Dynamic Obsolescence. With a Committee on Authentication to ensure that standards of the time […]

Standing On Ceremony

A showcase of short plays that encourage discussion about marriage equality.


Thomas Magill is a well-meaning evangelist who has an obsession with sin, a man who has no doubts about his mission to bring the people of Inishfree closer to God. In a deserted warehouse, sifting through his memory and his collection of tape recordings, he repeatedly relives a single day in his search for heavenly […]

The Santaland Diaries

Based on David Sedaris? delightfully acerbic observations of his experience working in Macy?s SantaLand, this hysterical alternative holiday classic entertained as Crumpet the Elf recounted his uproarious encounters during the height of holiday merriment.

The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer

THE LOVE SONG OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER imagines a spirited conversation, a wrestling match, an argument between Lilith–an archetypal figure in Hebrew mythology (the first woman God created), who was cast out when she couldn?t behave and was replaced by Eve?and J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, a Jew who was also […]

Lucy Loves Me

A black comedy which presents a disturbing exploration of the rage and terror lurking in the isolation of modern urban life.

The Taming of the Shrew

One of Shakespeare?s early works and bawdiest comedies, the play tackles a subject which remains a lightning rod for modern audiences: gender roles.

Miriam’s Flowers

Presented at the People’s Center. A compelling and uncompromising look at a family unraveling in the grief of losing their youngest member.