The Education of Walter Kaufmann

From 02/27/1997 to 03/23/1997


The sometimes charming, sometimes twisted story of a young man’s education in the school of life, which explores the various ways in which we learn–by instinct, by intellect, by role model, by experience.


The reviews are in.

“THE EDUCATION OF WALTER KAUFMAN, written and performed by Kevin Kling, is a headscratcher. It’s a dense voyage to the dark side, concealing its meaning and power behind a blanket of richly toned, intricately structured poetry that only occasionally emits glints of its controlling purpose. But it is also a play you can’t discard at the theater exit. It sticks with you, demanding thought, examination, and consideration. Kevin Kling, surely directed by Wendy Knox, delivers his epic poem with passion, precision, and skill. He moves easily between glimpses of Walter and those few others who influence his life. Ultimately, Kling and Walter demand to be heard. No matter how much you wish it otherwise, they will be with you long after this 90 minute introduction ends.”
Peter Vaughan, Star Tribune

“Presented by Frank Theatre under Wendy Knox’s direction, Kling’s performance is as impressive as it is seamless. Alternately sitting before the microphone and moving around a small boy square of a stage, Kling is in total command from start to finish, weaving a sly, spellbinding tale of horror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe. Indeed as brilliant as Kling’s performance is his greatest artistic achievement is in creating an entirely fictional character whose story, when you examine it, is a literary tour de force.”
Tad Simons, Twin Cities Reader