Maple and Vine

From 10/11/2013 to 10/27/2013


A contemporary, professional couple decides to abandon their Manhattan lifestyle, opting for a simpler existence right out the 1950s. They join a cult-like group of people who have recreated 1955 Eisenhower America somewhere in the Midwest, the SDO– the Society of Dynamic Obsolescence. With a Committee on Authentication to ensure that standards of the time are observed, they confront a whole new set of questions.


The reviews are in.

?From Kathy Kohl?s costume design, which brilliantly evokes the period while simultaneously poking fun at it, to Michael Croswell?s bright and jazzy sound design and some very fine work by the acting ensemble, Frank Theatre gives this play a polished, intelligent and delightfully sly production.? –StarTribune,?

?There’s plenty to admire about the performances in Frank Theatre’s production of “Maple and Vine.”?. Playwright Jordan Harrison — who called the Twin Cities home back in the early 2000s — concocts a tantalizing premise?The conceit allows for some delicious performance possibilities, and the Frank Theatre cast — under the knowing and sly direction of Wendy Knox — does not squander the opportunities. As Dean, Wade Vaughn is absolutely dead-on.? –Pioneer Press,?

?The intensely talented cast is game for whatever is tossed their way, and the design (especially costumer Kathy Kohl and set creator Ursula K. Bowden) is crisp and engaging.? –CityPages,?