Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden

From 06/04/1998 to 06/21/1998


This evocative weaving of music, movement and theatre, based on the Finnish epic known as the Kalevala, explored questions of self definition, and the relationship between societal demands and individual truths. Co-presented by the?Guthrie, Walker Art Center and Frank.


The reviews are in.

“KALEVALA was a vibrant marriage of music, dance, and story that excited audiences even as it stunned them with its beauty and the talent of its performers.”
Peter Vaughan, Star Tribune

“Revived KALEVALA nears perfection!”
Mike Steele, Star Tribune

“Ruth MacKenzie’s KALEVALA uses Finnish folk music and dance to tell the story of a young maiden who turns into a salmon. Ruth MacKenzie brings a rich mix of Finnish folklore, dance and music to the Guthrie Lab’s stage for a second run of KALEVALA: dream of the salmon maiden at the Guthrie Lab from June 4 to June 21.”
Star Tribune

“The Frank Theatre Production, staged in cooperation with the Walker Art Center and Guthrie Theatre, is a thrilling amalgam of spellbinding music, muscular dance and pre-Christian Finnish mythology.”
Star Tribune

“Tapping into ancient Finnish regional singing styles, her voice carries the promise of musical goosebumps for its run.”
Star Tribune