Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Frank Theatre is a policy-making arm of the organization, concerned with guiding and advising the organization in administrative and management areas and is not involved in the artistic decision-making process. The Board is responsible for fundraising, generating in-kind contributions to the organization, and actively promoting the theatre in the community through word-of-mouth advertising and any other means available. They also assist in audience development through the cultivation of potential audience members among personal and professional contacts. Board meetings are typically held once a month.

Spencer Putney

Board Chair

Vice President
Wells Fargo

Leif Jurgensen

Asst. Secretary

Box Office Manager
Children’s Theatre Company

Wendy Knox

Secretary & Asst. Treasurer

Artistic Director
Frank Theatre

Suzanne Koepplinger

Asst. Secretary

Paul Markwardt


Winthrop & Weinstine

Suzanne O’Brien

Asst. Secretary

Good Egg Communications

Carol Cooksley

Asst. Secretary

Management Consultant