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Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode Five


EPISODE FIVE: The Impact of COVID-19 on Performers
With Joy Dolo Anfinson, Bradley Greenwald and Eric Sharp, with moderation by Wendy Knox
January 13 at 7pm on Facebook Live

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Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode Four


EPISODE FOUR: White Supremacy in Philanthropy
With Aamera Siddiqui, Valerie Oliveiro, and Walken Schweigert, with moderator Maria Asp
December 9 at 7pm on Facebook Live

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Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode Three


EPISODE THREE: Who’s In Your Audience?
With Nora Montanez Patterson, Pedro Bayon, and Theo Langason, moderated by Sandy Agustin
November 11 at 7pm on Facebook Live

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Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode Two


EPISODE TWO: But That Play is Set Over 100 Years Ago!
With Warren C. Bowles, Ivory Doublette and AJ Friday, and moderated by Signe Harriday
October 7 at 7pm on Facebook Live

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Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode One


Local artistic directors will discuss the topic of “whiteness” in the theatre, the harm caused by white supremacy in American theatre, and how white leaders of small theatre companies can shift the culture to center BIPOC artists. Join Joel Sass (Producing Artistic Director of Open Eye Theatre), Suzy Messerole (co-Artistic Director of Exposed Brick Theatre) and Wendy Knox (Artistic Director of Frank Theatre) for a conversation moderated by teaching artist and frequent Frank performer Maria Asp on Facebook Live!

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THE CONVERT by Danai Gurira

02/21/2020 - 03/15/2020

A powerful play exploring British colonialism in southern Africa and the use of Christianity for cultural disruption.

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ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO by Caryl Churchill

09/06/2019 - 09/29/2019

Frank Theatre is thrilled to present two new short plays by Caryl Churchill, whose work Frank has presented many times in the company’s 30-year history. ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO deliver an evening of theatre by perhaps the greatest living playwright. 

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Frank’s 30th Anniversary Party!


Come celebrate 30 years of Frank Theatre! The Jack Brass Band will be rocking Vieux Carré and we hope you’ll join us to sing Happy Birthday! A $12 cover gets you an evening of fun! Tickets available at the door only. Hope you can join us!

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03/15/2019 - 04/07/2019

A play in music written in 1937, THE CRADLE WILL ROCK by Marc Blitzstein is set in Steeltown, USA. Mr. Mister, the corporate magnate, has bought up (or paid off) every sector of the communitythe church, the press, the university, the artists. A prostitute arrives in Steeltown, and is immediately picked up for soliciting. Hauled into night court, she is befriended by a derelict pharmacist, who explains that all the others (who have been hauled in mistakenly) are as guilty of selling themselves as she is. Through flashback and song, the piece illustrates how each of the civic leaders sold out to Mr. Mister, with the exception of Larry Foreman, a union organizer who is attempting to get the whole town to organize. 

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09/28/2018 - 10/21/2018

Set in a small town that is in a deep economic depression, the townspeople await the visit of Claire Zachanassian, who was driven out of town as a young girl years ago because she was pregnant. Now the wealthiest person in the world who has just married her 8th husband, she returns to a town that desperately hopes her millions will save them. She, however, has a different agenda, returning with the mission to buy justice: she will offer the town her fortune in exchange for the life of the man who not only spurned her but rigged the public trial against her.

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