Frankly Speaking: What’s Up With That? Episode Five


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EPISODE FIVE: The Impact of COVID-19 on Performers

With Joy Dolo Anfinson, Bradley Greenwald and Eric Sharp, with moderation by Wendy Knox
January 13 at 7pm on Facebook Live

As the pandemic drags on, we’re taking a look at the real-life implications of COVID-19 on the lives of performers in the Twin Cities. The performing arts are often an afterthought in conversations about economic relief, yet, nationally, the industry brings in $804.2 billion dollars (4.3% of the GDP), which is 60 billion more than construction and 227 billion more than transportation and warehousing.

In an arts-rich state like Minnesota, the performing arts provide nearly 100,000 jobs and contribute 3.5% to the state’s economy. So what happens when the profession that you have trained for, worked hard at and achieved a degree of success in, is completely shut down by a virus? How are performers surviving?

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