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The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

When an economic slump provides prime conditions for the rise of a small-time thug (strikingly similar to Al Capone) to take over the vegetable trade in 1930’s Chicago, a parallel is set up for the story of another thug who is rising to power on the world stage in 1941, Adolf Hitler. UI is a […]

Ajax In Iraq

Populated with Greek gods and contemporary soldiers returning from Iraq, AJAX IN IRAQ is a mash-up of Sophocles? classic play AJAX and stories from today?s newspaper. Parallel narratives follow Ajax, a Greek warrior, and A.J., a contemporary female soldier on duty in Iraq, both of whom are undone by the betrayal of a commanding officer. […]

Mad Forest

An exploration of life in Romania before and after the overthrow of the Ceaucesus, told through live performance, recorded and live video, and projections.


Set in the ?Kit Kat Klub,? a seedy cabaret where an aspiring American writer, Cliff Bradshaw encounters British singer Sally Bowles. As begins to splinter as Hitler rises to power.

Perfect Pie

Two women haven?t seen each other since a life-changing incident 20 years ago. In the course of an afternoon when the two meet up again, past and present electrically collide with laughter, tears, mystery, and home-grown wisdom as a buried secret reveals the different paths the women?s lives have taken.

Sincerity Forever

A scathing and hysterical attack on the veiling of right-wing bigotry and hypocrisy in the name of religion, this highly poetic work confronts questions of obscenity and censorship in American culture.


Based on the French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, this daunting work explores games of seduction, betrayal and conquest.

The Adventures of Herculina

Based on a true story of a hermaphrodite born in France in the 1800’s, Herculina’s quest for true love ranges from a French convent school to an encounter with Sarah Bernhardt, from the boudoir of a bawdy British prostitute to a sideshow of freaks, and all poetic points in between.