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Etta Jenks

A chronicle of a young actress’ pursuit of dreams of movie stardom, as she is derailed into the pornography industry.

The Exonerated

Based on real-life stories of people who were wrongly accused and spent time in prison only to be exonerated.

Mother Courage

Brecht’s masterpiece anti-war play about a woman who makes her living from the ongoing war.

The God Of Hell

Set in a Wisconsin farmhouse, Frank and Emma’s bucolic lifestyle as dairy farmers is disrupted when they offer cover to Haynes, a long-time friend of Frank’s who is on the lam from a mysterious government project involving plutonium. When an unctuous government bureaucrat appears at their farmhouse, questioning their patriotism and knowing far more about […]

Top Girls

A highly theatrical, challenging and complex look at the price of power in women’s lives throughout history.


VENUS is based on the true life of Saartje Baartman, a woman lured from her South African home with the promise of “making a mint” as a dancer. She was then sold into a London freak show and exhibited to a voracious public, fascinated by her anatomy, especially her large posterior.

Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden

This evocative weaving of music, movement and theatre, based on the Finnish epic known as the Kalevala, explored questions of self definition, and the relationship between societal demands and individual truths. Co-presented by the?Guthrie, Walker Art Center and Frank.

The Women of Troy

A company generated adaptation of Euripides’ THE TROJAN WOMEN and HECUBA, featuring an original blues-based score composed by Marya Hart. Set on the eve of the fall of the city of Troy, THE WOMEN OF TROY retells the stories provided in Euripides’ THE TROJAN WOMEN and HECUBA. THE WOMEN OF TROY explores the impact of […]

Fucking A

A riff on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel THE SCARLET LETTER. In Parks’ highly imaginative, idiosyncratic version, Hester bears a branded “A” on her chest, which, according to the law, must be visible at all times as punishment for her crime of being the mother of a son who steals food. When her son was sent to […]