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Summer Splash

Summer Splash, a casual and delightful picnic event, is a summer highlight for the Twin Cities theatre community. Come enjoy grilled treats, cold beverages, and a wide spread of sides and delicious desserts. Catch up with the Frank board and meet other fabulous Frank supporters and artists. Summer Splash starts at 5:30pm.
The main event


ECLIPSED centers on the lives of five women who are thrown together by the recent civil war in Liberia. Salvaged as chattel from wartime looting, these “wives” of the commanding officer form a hardscrabble alliance and develop their own a hierarchy as they confront questions of survival within their compound. Surprisingly vivacious and often funnier […]

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

Centered on the relationship between two teenagers in 1936, who are looking for a life better than that of their parents, the play focuses on the need for human connection.


Metamorphosis takes a new look at the life of Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, who wakes one morning to find that he has been transformed into a ?monstrous vermin.? Life just isn’t the same after that.

Palace of the End

Composed of three monologues, based on factual people and events, whose characters and words are imagined by the playwright. The first was inspired by the media circus around Lynndie England, the Army private who was convicted of torturing Iraqi prisoners; the second was inspired by the well-publicized events surrounding the death of the British weapons […]


A classic example of early American experimentation in the theatre, Treadwell’s 1928 Expressionist work was loosely based on a New York tabloid murder case which sent one of the first women in the U.S. to the electric chair.

By the Bog of Cats

Set in rural Ireland, By The Bog of Cats mixes the trademark dark humor of the Irish with an uncompromising tale of abandonment and shocking self-sacrifice. Hester Swane (Virginia Burke) is an Irish “tinker,” a woman born of gypsies, and tied to the bleak landscape of the bog where she has lived her whole life. […]

Vinegar Tom

Set in England in the 17th century, VINEGAR TOM explores the witchcraft trials of the time.

Under Construction

A work-in-progress staging of Wendy Knox’s adaptation of Heiner Muller’s DESCRIPTION OF A PICTURE, EXPLOSION OF A MEMORY, Euripides’ ALCESTIS, and the classic Noh-drama KUMASAKA.