Vinegar Tom

From 09/12/2008 to 10/05/2008


Set in England in the 17th century, VINEGAR TOM explores the witchcraft trials of the time.


The reviews are in.

“Frank Theatre’s spirited and persuasive production of Churchill’s historical drama, which opened Friday at the Ritz Theater in northeast Minneapolis, viscerally transports us into a world ruled by rumor and superstition. In this society, sketched by Churchill and artfully brought to life in shadows and voices by director Wendy Knox, it’s easy to be a witch: All you have to do is stand accused. Knox’s production is first-rate and engaging, even if it teems with an unrelieved misogyny, rooted not only in superstition but also tradition and religion.” –Rohan Preston, StarTribune

“Director Wendy Knox pulls no punches in her vision of the sour world of “Vinegar Tom.” Although the feminist play was written in the 1970s, it doesn’t feel as dated as it could, given the recent attacks on Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin. Knox’s visceral production suggests that society still aims to destroy women who try to claim their power.” –

“As an early Caryl Churchill work, Vinegar Tom has its rough edges, but the powerful voice that raged through plays like Top Girls is in full evidence in this play. The somewhat uneven work gets a typically vigorous reading from Frank Theatre, one that is ultimately quite rewarding….There is an unmistakable energy to the show, with plenty of solid performances from the ensemble. And considering one of the nominees for vice president advocating charging women for rape evidence kits, the messages here still need to be hammered home.” –talkin’