The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

From 11/03/2000 to 11/26/2000


Centered on the relationship between two teenagers in 1936, who are looking for a life better than that of their parents, the play focuses on the need for human connection.


The reviews are in.

“American playwright, poet, and screenwriter Naomi Wallace is drawn to grim subjects and dark places. But she does not seek to hide in them, only to shine a stark, hard light on obscure issues and subjects.

“THE TRESTLE AT POPE LICK CREEK brims with pathos and poetry. The production spins a tale, circa 1936, that revolves around Dalton (Andre Samples) and Pace (Lisa Belfiori), who spend their spare time racing trains. Their energetic and sensitive performances are a highlight. This Frank Theatre staging, under director Wendy Knox, swings wildly between the sublime and the ridiculous, with an excellent performance by Lisa Belfiori, who is clearly not a teenager but who gives Pace a hard-bitten determination and ferocious spunk without overdoing the youth mannerisms.”

Rohan Preston, Star Tribune