The Exonerated

From 03/02/2007 to 03/18/2007


Based on real-life stories of people who were wrongly accused and spent time in prison only to be exonerated.


The reviews are in.

“This strong ensemble offers an evening that will linger in the memory long after the show has ended.” (The StarTribune,

“This is a demanding show,…But these powerhouse performances are up to the gravity of the material. If you come away still believing in the justice of the death penalty, your powers of denial are powerful, indeed.” (From City Pages,

“…the script is a good one (good enough to have been adapted into a well-received movie on Court TV), and the Frank Theatre is a smart troupe; artistic director Wendy Knox has a talent for finding meaty, compelling plays…” (From PULSE,, which also features a web only feature article and interview with the artists at

“The Frank production ˜ the first local staging of the work ˜ uses a permanent, skilled cast of local actors ….(the stories are) gritty and haunting, and they linger long after 90 minutes of “The Exonerated.” ” (From the Pioneer Press,