The Adventures of Herculina

From 11/03/2000 to 11/26/2000


Based on a true story of a hermaphrodite born in France in the 1800’s, Herculina’s quest for true love ranges from a French convent school to an encounter with Sarah Bernhardt, from the boudoir of a bawdy British prostitute to a sideshow of freaks, and all poetic points in between.


The reviews are in.

“Playwright Kira Obolensky’s unusual fantasia is less about gender than it might seem at first. While the Herculina of the title swaps sexes midway through the production, acting the first half of the play as a woman and the second half as a man, Frank Theatre director Wendy Knox correctly recognized that Obolensky’s use of gender was somewhat metaphorical. The real themes hiding in the play deal with the mutability of those things that are supposed to be permanent–most important, the shifting nature of love. The resulting production was less a clinical examination of hermaphroditism than a love song that was at once giddy and mournful.”

The Year in Theater,?City Pages