Etta Jenks

From 06/04/1992 to 06/28/1992


A chronicle of a young actress’ pursuit of dreams of movie stardom, as she is derailed into the pornography industry.


The reviews are in.

“The title character in Frank Theatre’s current production wants to be in the movies. Desperate for an audition tape, she’s introduced to a man with video equipment who tells Etta that all the big stars have done skin flicks. And so, she too, does a skin flick. Once in this seedy world, she finds it impossible to climb out. ETTA JENKS is an absorbing play that digs at the philosophical roots of pornography and Frank Theatre’s production is intelligent and well acted. Playwright Marlane Meyer never preaches or condescends; she piques our interest in the people we’d cross the street to avoid in real life.”
Erin Hart, Minnesota Public Radio