From 03/10/2017 to 04/02/2017 at

Thurs, Fri, Sat at 8:00 PM; Sun at 2:00 PM
ONE STUDENT MATINEE (limited tickets), Thur Mar 16 at 1:00


A searing representation of the current American zeitgeist, CITIZEN: AN AMERICAN LYRIC  is a boundary-bending work of poetry/prose/criticism, adapted for the stage by Stephen Sachs. A 6-member “ensemble piece…floats between dream and reality, narration and performance, and challenges its audience’s perceptions,” as it examines the ways racism pervades daily life in America, from highly visible news accounts to the daily microaggressions that render certain citizens invisible in our culture.


Ticket cost: $25 General, $22 Students and Seniors with ID

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The reviews are in.

“The poetry comes off the page effortlessly in director Wendy Knox’s production…There’s a fearlessness in “Citizen;” on the page but also in the performances…“Citizen” grips the intellect, inflames the conscience and strikes at the soul.” –Pioneer Press

” Just go.  See it.  It’s easily the most important piece of theater I’ve seen so far this year.  It’s also the nicest thing you can do for yourself and your self-awareness.”

“Wendy Knox directs; the strong and committed cast includes Heather Bunch, Hope Cervantes, Michael Hannah, Theo Langason, Joe Nathan Thomas and Dana Lee Thompson. The acting is straightforward and matter-of-fact; no histrionics are needed to reinforce Rankine’s language. Bill Cottman’s projections add depth and drama. Mike Wangen’s lights gently guide the attention. “